At Four Oaks Dental we provide a full range of Dental Treatment and Services.
Within our General Dental Services we are able to offer all our patients the following:

Basic Hygienist Visits
Periodontal (Gum) Treatment
Metal Free Crowns and Veneers
Metal Free Bridgework
Dentures (Acrylic & Chrome)
Flexible Valplast Dentures
Root Canal Treatment
Amalgam Fillings
Composite (White) Fillings
Porcelain Onlays / Inlays
Night Guards
Custom Mouth Guards
Anti-Snoring Devices

We also offer a range of Cosmetic Dental Treatments including Teeth Whitening.
Smile Designs
Porcelain Veneers
All-Ceramic Crowns / Bridges
Cosmetic Braces (See Below)
Home Teeth Whitening
Enlighten Smiles Power Whitening


We provide a full range Orthodontics Services at Four Oaks Dental. We are able to place anything from conventional Fixed Bracket Braces, to Clear Braces using technologies such as In-Line. We also offer 6 Month Smiles – A Short Term Orthodontic System with Clear Brackets where you are able to straighten your teeth within 6 Months.

Find out more about these treatments

Clear Braces

6 Months Smiles


Dental Implants are titanium attachments that are placed into the positions that were once occupied by your natural teeth. They are generally placed in a staged approach, whereby the implant is placed and allowed to “integrate” into the bone. Approximately 3-6 months later the implant is loaded, whereby a tooth is attached to the titanium attachment. At Four Oaks Dental Dental, our Dental Surgeons have been placing implants for over 15 years, and have vast experience with these technologies. To assess your suitability for implants please book a consultation with one our Implant Surgeons. If you wish to find out more about dental implants you may also visit the following websites.

Association of Dental Implantology UK

British Dental Health Foundation

Our Dental Implant Leaflet Downloads

Straumann Dental Implants

Straumann – After Care of Implants

Straumann – Solutions following the Loss of a Tooth

Straumann – Solutions after Extraction of Remaining Teeth


You can find a range of Information Leaflets that are available for you to view and download.

How to Brush and Floss
How do I care for my Childrens Teeth
How do I whiten my Teeth?
Restorative Dentistry – Crowns and Bridges
Diabetes and Oral Health
Dry Mouth – Xerostomia
Electric Toothbrushes
What is Gum Disease?
Plaque and Tartar Control
Power Toothbrushing
Regular Dental Visits
Root Canal Treatment
Sensitive Teeth
What are TMJ Disorders?
What is Tooth Decay?
Wisdom Teeth